Cold-Blooded Trade

Nick Tanner #3

Now available in paperback and ebook

When U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agent Nick Tanner targets a prolific trafficker in endangered reptiles, what begins as a simple buy-and-bust operation takes a sudden, violent turn, and launches Tanner on a dangerous quest deep into the treacherous backwaters of Mississippi swampland.

Praise for Cold-Blooded Trade

“Cox does a stellar job at penning intriguing characters that readers will connect to. Tanner leaps off the page, a doting father and a proud pet owner with a job that brings excitement at every turn. That pet is a highlight—a blind bobcat named Ray (as in Charles)— as is Tanner’s unique beat, which gives Cox the chance to plot out a thriller that mixes a smart procedural with The Crocodile Hunter.”
—Booklife Reviews

“Cox has written a rousing thriller starring the intrepid and engaging USFWS Special Agent, Nick Tanner. The story is full of unexpected turns and exhilarating action scenes and delivers a satisfying ending. A fun, action-packed, and exciting crime tale.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Kerry K. Cox knows how to pace a thriller, and this next adventure with the unorthodox, sharp-witted, and enigmatic Nick Tanner leaves no room for boredom with its many twists and turns… ramping up the tension as danger lurks from every angle…. dangerous and tense… a unique premise and a highly engaging central hero.”
—Readers’ Favorite Reviews (5/5 stars)