Canned Hunt

Nick Tanner #2

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agent Nick Tanner goes undercover to follow up on another agent’s investigation—one that may have led to her murder.

From the stark canyons and soaring rock walls of Book Cliffs to the gritty back streets of Las Vegas; from the swift-flowing Green River rapids to a pastoral Utah town hiding violent secrets, Tanner is drawn into a seething vortex of a wildlife trafficking family, a crooked sheriff, a white nationalist church, and a killer with the perfect alibi.

And one of them has Tanner in their crosshairs.

Praise for Canned Hunt

“The author strikes gold… As evidenced in his debut, Money Bear (2021), Cox is skilled at narrative tension and ratchets up the suspense in this sequel. A provocative, suspenseful eco-thriller starring a durable detective with a conservationist conscience.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Cox delivers on all fronts. The intriguing and original plot unfolds at a brisk pace…a fascinating journey into a little-known world. A thrilling, suspenseful plot you genuinely can’t predict. Highly recommended.”
Readers’ Favorite Reviews

Canned Hunt is a riveting and engrossing book from start to finish. Fueled by great characters, a thrilling and unexpected ending, and one very memorable bobcat, this is a story you will not willingly set down.”
—S. A. Lelchuk, author of the award-winning Nikki Griffin series

Canned Hunt is a gem of a thriller with sharply drawn characters, crackling dialogue, and a plot that moves like a raging river. Kerry K. Cox knows how to build suspense, and he imbues his protagonist, Nick Tanner, with a rugged integrity that will draw you in and keep you engaged until the very last scene.”
—Harry Dolan, author of The Good Killer