Money Bear

When the hunt for deadly poachers in Redwood National Park escalates to a series of human murders, it’s up to USFWS Special Agent Nick Tanner to stop the killers—and bring down the unlikely kingpins of an international smuggling ring.

An impressively complex, eco-conscious crime story.
Kirkus Reviews

… a fast-paced, tightly written page-turner.
—Executive Producer Lance H. Robbins

A rollicking thriller that brims with subversive humor…
—Author Peter W. J. Hayes

Holds you in its steely jaw until the last page.
—Writer/Executive Producer Kay Foster

Vivid characters, unique setting, razor-sharp writing.
—Writer/Executive Producer Robert Cochran


Kerry (left)

When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be a policeman, or fireman, or astronaut, or major league third baseman. I wanted to be a forest ranger.

Okay, also a major league third baseman. Y’know, as a summer job.

But it turned out my inability to comprehend biochem made a career in wildlife management as realistic as my chances of starting for the Dodgers.

So, after four years at Oregon State University I declared myself graduated, and returned home to Southern California. There I taught swimming, karate, and pre-school while I sold articles to various magazines, wrote children’s shows for The Disney Channel, and eventually became a full-time writer.

And because one of my childhood dreams lives on, I now write novels focused on the dark underworld of wildlife trafficking, and work with various wildlife, marine mammal, and feral cat/kitten groups as a rescue volunteer along California’s Central Coast.

I’m still waiting on that call from the Dodgers.

I live by the ocean in Cambria, California with my wife and a clowder of cats.

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Money Bear

When Redwoods Park Enforcement Ranger Kathleen Shepherd finds a third dead bear in the forest, its paws and gallbladder harvested, she contacts U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services for assistance. They send Nick Tanner, one of an elite cadre of undercover USFWS Special Agents.

Highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine, bear gallbladders fetch the kind of money that attracts dangerous and desperate criminals. When the killing of bears escalates to a series of equally macabre human murders, Nick and Kathleen follow the clues that lead them into a lethal trap—all under the darkly surreal canopy of the world’s oldest known living organisms, California’s old-growth redwoods.

Praise for Money Bear

“An impressively complex, eco-conscious crime story with plenty of action and intrigue. Cox shows an uncanny talent for characterization…and effectively keeps up the story’s momentum as it speeds to a rousing conclusion.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Vivid characters, a compelling storyline in a unique setting, and razor-sharp writing. What more could you ask for? I’m already looking forward to the next Nick Tanner novel.”
—Robert Cochran, Two-time Emmy award-winner as Co-creator, Executive Producer, and writer of 24

Money Bear snaps you up like a bear trap, and holds you in its steely jaw until the last page. A fast-paced story that delights with authenticity and wit, even as it exposes the evils of wildlife trafficking. A brilliant first novel in what promises to be a must-read series.”
—Kay Foster, Writer/Executive Producer on Heroes, The Following, and American Odyssey

“Kerry Cox’s stunning debut is a rollicking thriller that brims with subversive humor and white-knuckle plot twists. The stakes are as high as the redwoods, the pace arrow-quick, and the hero as unforgettable as his sidekick, a blind bobcat named Ray Charles. Don’t miss it!”
—Peter W. J. Hayes, Silver Falchion and Derringer-nominated author of the Vic Lenoski mysteries

“Absolutely one of the most entertaining thrillers I have read in years! Nick Tanner is a fresh new hero that delights with a wit and toughness comparable to any Elmore Leonard character. Money Bear is a fast-paced, tightly written page-turner that gets this series off to a roaring start. Looking forward to more!”
—Lance H. Robbins, Executive Producer, Hallmark Murders and Mysteries Network/Matchmaker Mysteries



MONEY BEAR, the first in the Nick Tanner series, throws a harsh spotlight on the cruel but highly lucrative underworld of Bear gallbladder poaching. A single gallbladder that might earn a poacher a couple hundred dollars in the U.S. can reportedly go for $3000 in...

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Turtle Smuggling

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Otter Tracking

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