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Money Bear by Kerry Cox

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Praise for the series

Cox does a stellar job at penning intriguing characters that readers will connect to. Tanner leaps off the page, a doting father and a proud pet owner with a job that brings excitement at every turn.
Booklife Reviews
Kerry K. Cox knows how to pace a thriller, and this next adventure with the unorthodox, sharp-witted, and enigmatic Nick Tanner leaves no room for boredom with its many twists and turns…
—Readers’ Favorite Reviews
Fueled by great characters, a thrilling and unexpected ending, and one very memorable bobcat, this is a story you will not willingly set down.
—S. A. Lelchuk, author of the award-winning Nikki Griffin series
Canned Hunt is a gem of a thriller with sharply drawn characters, crackling dialogue, and a plot that moves like a raging river.
—Harry Dolan, author of The Good Killer

Cox delivers on all fronts. The intriguing and original plot unfolds at a brisk pace…a fascinating journey into a little-known world.
Readers’ Favorite Reviews

The author strikes gold… As evidenced in his debut… Cox is skilled at narrative tension and ratchets up the suspense in this sequel.
Kirkus Reviews


Kerry (left)

When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be a policeman, or fireman, or astronaut, or major league third baseman. I wanted to be a forest ranger.

Okay, also a major league third baseman. Y’know, as a summer job.

But it turned out my inability to comprehend biochem made a career in wildlife management as realistic as my chances of starting for the Dodgers.

So, after four years at Oregon State University I declared myself graduated, and returned home to Southern California. There I taught swimming, karate, and pre-school while I sold articles to various magazines, wrote children’s shows for The Disney Channel, and eventually became a full-time writer.

And because one of my childhood dreams lives on, I now write novels focused on the dark underworld of wildlife trafficking, and work with various wildlife, marine mammal, and feral cat/kitten groups as a rescue volunteer along California’s Central Coast.

I’m still waiting on that call from the Dodgers.

I live by the ocean in Cambria, California with my wife and a clowder of cats.



In COLD-BLOODED TRADE, the third installment of the Nick Tanner eco-crime thriller series, a notorious wildlife trafficker sources many of her animals via exotic animal auctions. i talked briefly about these in a previous post; but let's dive a little deeper here. Why...

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How do Exotics End Up in Canned Hunts?
How do Exotics End Up in Canned Hunts?

This past week saw the release of my second novel in the Nick Tanner series, Canned Hunt. It takes place primarily in the truly awe-inspiring Book Cliffs of Utah and along Green River, with stops in the decidedly less inspiring (IMO, anyway) Las Vegas, Nevada and...

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MONEY BEAR, the first in the Nick Tanner series, throws a harsh spotlight on the cruel but highly lucrative underworld of Bear gallbladder poaching. A single gallbladder that might earn a poacher a couple hundred dollars in the U.S. can reportedly go for $3000 in...

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